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What People are Saying

about Sam Sepah?

sam in the park.jpeg

“All of Sam’s accomplishments come to no surprise as he is a natural leader, motivational speaker, and community advocate. He continues to inspire and transform individuals and teams, both, in the workplace and society as a whole.”

Ryan Maliszewski, Executive Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Gallaudet University

“Sam has a very engaging personal style and warm manner that makes his presentations and knowledge sharing appealing very accessible. He has a professional and yet very comfortable manner that puts listeners at ease and yet draws you in.”

Susanne Marie Bruyere, Director of Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University


“Sam is engaging and dynamic speaker. He is also keen with culture aspect of the Deaf community!”

Julie Rems-Smario, California State Special Schools and Services Division Director 

“Before Sam’s thought-provoking presentation, I ignorantly assumed HR was nothing but pushing paperwork. He opened our eyes to how HR plays a strategical role in contributing to an organization’s growth!”

Chad Taylor, CEO of Linguabee

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